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Popular Drinks & Beverages in Vietnam

When human body becomes dehydrated it experiences the sensation of thirst. This craving of fluids and thirst results in an instinctive need to drink. Thirst is regulated by hypothalamus in response to subtle changes in body’s electrolyte level along with blood circulating which also is a result of changes of thirst volume. Water and milk have always been the basic drinks. Water is the essence of life but has also been the carrier of many diseases. Water is the world’s most consumeddrink, however 97%of the water is nondrinkable salt water. Fresh water is found inrivers, lakes n frozen glaciers but only 1% of the fresh water supply is drinkable.

The complete elimination of water from the body results into death faster than the removal of any other substance. Tan Hiep Phat Beverage group produces non alcohoic beverages. Non-alcoholic drink is one that contains little or no alcohol. Drinks that are all non alcoholic soft drinks for example such as ice tea, lemonade, coffee, soda, milk, fruit juices, sparking water, milkshakes. But others are hard drinks such as vodka or and other cocktails. As far as soft drinks are concern milk is regarded as one of the original drinks. It is also the primary source of nutrition for the babies. It is the most important source of calcium for the body. The most popular varieties of milkinternationally are soya milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk. Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. Soya milk produced by Tan Hiep Phat is very popular in Vietnam.

There are many ways of preparing tea for consumption but which are most common addictives in the world are lemon or milk and sugar. Tea is also served differently in different countries. For eg: In china n Japan tiny cups are used to serve tea. In Thailand and US tea is often served cold or with lots of sweetener. Indians boil tea with milk and a blend of spices such as masala chai. Green tea has become quite popular in recent times. It is the healthiest beverage on the planet. When you drink a cup of green tea, you actually get large amount of qualitybeneficial substance that increases fat burning which helps in losing weight.Roasted Coffee beans is used to prepare Coffee which is brewed drink.

Coffee is slightly acidic and can have stimulating effect on humans because of its caffeine content. It is the most popular drink in the world. It can be served and cooked as well presented in a many ways . For example such as espresso, cafe latte etc. It is served hot as well as cold.Carbonated drinks have carbon dioxide dissolved into them. Colas, various root, ginger, and lime are commonly used to create non alcoholic carbonated drinks. Sugar and preservatives may be added later. Most commonly consumed carbonated drinks are produced by three major companies : Coco-cola, Pepsico and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.Fruit and Vegetable Juices are extracted from fresh fruits. It’s a natural product with few or no addictives. Tan Hiep Phat Beverages Citrus products which are breakfast drinks like orange juice and tangerine juice which are very familiar.While other common juices are apple, grape and lemon.

Coconut water is very nutritious and refreshing. Fruits are highly perishable so to extract them and store them is of significant value. Some fruits if mixed with water or sugar or honey , they are to make it appetizing, but fruits are sometimes highly acidic .Vegetable Juices are often served warm or cold. Vegetable juices which can be made using carrots or cucumber or tomatoes or many such combinations and all of different types. These vegetable juices are mixed with sometimes with fruit juices to have a better or unique taste. An alcoholic beverage contains a substantial amount of ethanol which is a drink as well which is in low doses causes euphoria, reduced anxiety and sociability and in high doses causes intoxication and unconsciousness. In many cultures there is an important social role of drinking alcohol.There are laws regulating the production in most countries , also laws for sale and consumption. It is one of the most widely used recreational drug in the world. Alcohol drinks are typically divided into three classes รข Beers, Wine and Spirits.

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